Pricing and Discounts

Long Term Rentals & Extensions
Last year’s two film strikes had a heavy impact on us film workers, our families, and for some- our rental shops… 2023 was gearing up to be a key year to this young company’s growth!! In order to recover from financial losses due to our industry’s set back, Hemlock has followed suit with other rental houses in regards to pricing structures, changing from monthly to weekly rentals. We will however, make continuous adjustments to keep Hemlock the most reasonably priced option for quality cleared art rentals for our amazing clients!

Logically, many pieces have been reduced in price. Greater discounts are now offered on long term rentals & rental extensions, as follows:

1st week: Full price
2nd week: 25% off
3rd week: 50% off
4th week+ : 75% off each week (until wrap)

For your convenience, discounted rates are automatically calculated when booking online,
and please note that we are always happy to discuss run of show rentals with you anytime~